Mississauga First Nation

Mississauga First Nation

Mississauga First Nations (MFN) also known as Mississauga River #8 is located along Hwy 17, 348 km west of the city of Sudbury and 278 km east of the city of Sault Ste Marie. It is adjacent to the Town of Blind River situated along the North Shore of Lake Huron.

The MFN employs 97 full and part time employees within all of its service departments. The FN has a member population of 1,120 and approximately 450 living on-reserve. Blind River is considered its major service centre for government offices, education, hospital, recreation, tourism and hospitality and local industries such as the CAMECO uranium refinery.

The MFN through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Misswezahging Development Corporation promotes economic and business development at the MFN. The MFN owns Chiblow Lake Lddge (year round tourism business), 35 private properties, a newly built Sports and Cultural Complex, and an Elders Housing Complex. There are also private businesses, owned and operated by individual Band members.

The Mississauga First Nation, Mississagi Trust and the Misswezahging Development Corporation work together for the future of their lands for long term use and to work towards a common goal of promoting better living conditions within the community.

There are 163 homes in the community, with a waiting list of 125 and the majority of homes are Band-owned, rent-to-own and CMHC rental units. With the prospect of positive economic growth and additional lands, the Mississauga First Nations believes that the First Nations Market Housing Fund will help to go a long way towards providing more options to its members to build, purchase and renovate homes in the community that are affordable, energy efficient and enviromentally friendly.

“The Mississauga First Nation appreciates this new opportunity and is looking forward to working with the First Nations Market Housing Fund as an important tool to assist in our goal to help our people become more self-sufficient. As one of our top priorities, this initiative will allow our administration to build on prior successes of land and resource development on all of Mississauga First Nation lands.”
Chief Reg Niganobe, Mississauga First Nation (December 2011)

Contact Information:

James Cada
Director of Operations
Mississauga First Nation
P.O. Box 1299
Blind River, ON
P0R 1B0
Ph.: 705-356-1621
Fax: 705-356-1740
Email: directorofoperations@mississaugi.com
Website: http://www.mississaugi.com