Nipissing First Nation

Nipissing First Nation

In 1850, Nipissing’s Chief Shabogesic, along with his Head Mean Penassy and O’jeek, signed the Robinson Huron Treaty in which it was agreed that the Nipissing people would have set aside, for their exclusive use and protection, all that land and its resources lying north of Lake Nipissing and its main waterways.

The present day Anishnabek people who live at Lake Nipissing are of Nipissing, Ojibway and Algonquin descent. At the time of European contact at the beginning of the 17th century, the people called themselves Nipissing or NBisiing, after the lake that is located at the centre of their traditional territory in northern Ontario. Today, Nipissing First Nation (NFN) is a nation whose reserves are located along the shores of Lake Nipissing with traditional territories extending to the French River system into Georgian Bay northward to the Temagami and Obabika lakes.

Today, NFN has set aside for its use the Nipissing Reserve No. 10 which is over 21,000 hectares in size and lies primarily along the shores of Lake Nipissing the length of Highway 17 from Sturgeon Falls to North Bay. The land base is situated between the City of North Bay located to the east and the Municipality of West Nipissing to the west, and is classified as an urban reserve. As of February 2012 there is a registered band membership of 2,389 persons with 918 residing on reserve.

The addition of the First Nation Market Housing Fund is another tool in Nipissing First Nation's Governance Toolkit. NFN manages its own lands under its own Land Code, has its own Electoral Code and is currently developing a Constitution and Financial Administration Law.

Nipissing First Nation has offered homeownership to its citizens using various methods since 1980. The Fund will be used to facilitate more loans for homeownership, renovation and rentals and seniors housing.

This is great news for Nipissing First Nation members. People have been asking for more flexibility for home building, renovations and maintenance. This will provide Band members more opportunities for home ownership.”
— Chief Marianna Couchie (July 2012)

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