T’it’q’et First Nation

T’it’q’et First Nation

Members of the T’it’q’et First Nation (TFN), formerly the Lillooet Indian Band, consider themselves to be the P’egp’ig7lha Clan which is part of the larger St’at’imc Nation. Their 7 reserves consist of approximately 1,500 hectares in total and are located in and near the town of Lillooet, BC along the Fraser River Canyon approximately 170km northwest of Kamloops.

The St'át'imc hold title, rights and ownership to their territorial lands and resources. They consider themselves to be ucwalmicw (the people of the land). They are a nation, not an interest group and, as proclaimed by in the Declaration of the Lillooet Tribe, May 10, 1911: they claim that they are the rightful owners of their tribal territory and everything pertaining thereto. They have always lived in their country; at no time have they ever deserted it or left it to others. The source of these rights is St'át'imc law.

T’it’q’et First Nation has a registered population of 406 members, 182 of whom were residing on reserve as of April 2012. The P’egp’ig7lha Clan traditionally consists of 14 families each of which is represented on the Traditional Council of the First Nation and serves as the governing body for T’it’q’et.

The Fund will help T'it'q'et by backing loans for homeowners and housing renovations and by strengthening their policies and staff through capacity development.

The First Nations Market Housing Fund will provide our community with other options for building homes, in finance as well as policy development, the tools needed to implement and sustain market housing programs. The program is what the community definitely needs and we are pleased to sign on.
— Chief Kevin Whitney (July 2012)

Contact Information:

T’it’qet Housing
T’it’qet First Nation
42 Retasket, P.O. Box 615
Lillooet, British Columbia
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Ph.: 250-256-4118
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Website: http://www.titqet.org