Cree Nation of Eastmain

Cree Nation of Eastmain

Eastmain is located on the east coast of James Bay, on the south shore of the Eastmain River. The nearest major city is Montreal and they are approximately 1300 kilometers north. The territory of Eastmain is comprised of 489.53 square kilometers. The town has about 8 kilometers of paved roads and is accessible year round by road and via Air Creebec. The community has over 200 homes located in the town.

Eastmain is one of nine communities that make up the Cree Nation; one of four Cree communities that are located on the eastern shore of James Bay. The Cree Nation is the largest group in the Algonkian language family in Canada. Eastmain got its name in 1730 by the local Hudson Bay trading headquarters for the east coast of James Bay and Hudson Bay.

The population is reaching nearly 700 people; the main economic activities in the community are its services sector. This includes a construction company, hotel, private business, gas station and garage. Cree Nation of Eastmain is rich in natural resources and is famous for its trout, whitefish and pike. Cree Nation of Eastmain is also headquarters of the Cree Regional Trappers Association. Other services include it emergency services departments, justice building, local radio station, post office, local schools, government service sectors, sports and recreation complex, local development corporation, a wellness centre, and local medical services. The Cree of Eastmain plans to use the Fund to back loans for homeowners, as well as renters who wish to become owners.

“It is great to be able to access a fund that will contribute to the benefit of Cree Nation of Eastmain as it is doing at this moment, contributing to the upgrading of our managers.”
— Chief Edward Gilpin (May 2013)

Contact Information:

Stanley Gilpin
Housing Director
Cree Nation of East Main
P.O. Box 90 76 Nouchimi
Eastmain, Quebec
J0M 1W0
Ph.: 819-977-0211 ext. 327
Fax: 819-977-0281