Beausoleil First Nation

Beausoleil First Nation

Beausoleil First Nation is situated at the Southern tip of Georgian Bay on Christian Island, Ontario. It is a small remote community, home to approximately 800 year round residents, and has a membership of approximately 2,214 people. The Island’s main access is by ferry transportation via the MV Sandy Graham or the MV Indian Maiden. During the winter months access can be by ice road or hovercraft. The Island is also referred to as Chimnissing, which means “Big Island” in the Ojibway language.

The First Nation consists of three Islands known as Christian, Hope and Beckwith, as well as 25 acres on the mainland at Cedar Point. Members predominately reside on Christian Island however several families live year round on Cedar Point.

The First Nation’s housing portfolio consists of 103 units while 130 homes are privately owned by Beausoleil First Nation members. All band-owned units and private homes on the Island and Cedar Point are serviced by communal water systems, and all have access to hydro, telephone, and high speed internet services. Beausoleil Fire and Rescue provide essential fire and rescue services, however the community also has its own EMS and Police Service.

This is all in line with the Beausoleil Housing department’s objective “to preserve and protect the assets of the community by providing services necessary for the administrative, financial, technical, and maintenance of First Nation owned homes and programs.”

Beausoleil First Nation plans to use the Fund’s backing to increase home ownership and renovation loan options for its members.

“The criteria to access new modes of funding to construct and renovate homes on the Beausoleil First Nation has been longstanding. This new initiative will certainly be well received by the members of the community. The ability to coordinate and control the construction or renovation of their homes will provide better autonomy and satisfaction by the client.”
— Chief Roland Monague (July 2013)

Contact Information:

Chief Roland Monague or Amanda Mixemong, Housing Manager
Beausoleil First Nation
11 O’Gemaa Miikaan
Christian Island, ON
L9M 0A9
Phone: 705-247-2051
Fax: 705-247-2239