Lac Seul First Nation

Lac Seul First Nation

Lac Seul First Nation is one of the largest reserves in the Treaty #3 Anishinaabe Territory in Northwest Ontario with a membership of over 3,000 and community population of 830. The reserve is made up of three (3) communities: Kejick Bay, Whitefish Bay and Frenchman’s Head with approximately half of the membership living on reserve and neighboring communities.

In 1929 the reserve was flooded due to the construction of a hydroelectric dam. The flooding caused the area known as Kejick bay to become an island permanently separated from the main land and splitting the community into two parts with Whitefish Bay on the mainland.

There are currently over 300 housing units in the community. The First Nation has successfully operated Ke-Nawind Housing Development Authority for 20 years. Ke-Nawind has its own governing structure and qualified staff separate from the First Nation administration. The authority currently manages 96 rental units under CMHCs s95 program and has been highly effective in rent collection and arrears management.

The First Nation administration currently maintains responsibility for the administration of 189 Band owned housing units and has had good success with 24 home ownership private lender agreements.

The Lac Seul First Nation has been spending considerable time and effort in developing a comprehensive set of governance, administrative and housing policies. The community’s leadership is committed to use the support of the First Nations Market Housing Fund to continue strengthening of its governing system, establishing a land tenure system and expanding home ownership options for its membership. Lac Seul has identified the need for a broad range of housing projects over the next five years. They plan to use the backing of the Fund for three four-plex units in their three separate communities, the building of new rental units and the renovations of current homes as well support individual members for home ownership units within the three communities.

“We are pleased that Lac Seul First Nation now has more options for housing to offer our membership. The flexibility we see from this new initiative with the First Nations Market Housing Fund is a way to balance many of our outstanding needs in our three communities over the next five years. Through the Fund’s capacity development support we see more than just the improvement of the housing conditions but a positive benefit in the management of all areas of our First Nation.”
— Chief Clifford Bull (December 2013)

Contact Information:

Grace Strang, Finance Comptroller
Lac Seul First Nation
P.O. Box 100
Hudson, Ontario
P0V 1X0
Phone: 807-582-3503
Fax: 807-582-3352