Temagami First Nation

Temagami First Nation

Temagami First Nation is located on Bear Island in the heart of Lake Temagami. It has a very small reserve land base of 3 square kilometers in Northern Ontario. It is located approximately one and a half hours drive north of North Bay and is accessible by boat and Band-owned ferry in summer and ice road in winter depending on weather conditions. The First Nation employs 60 people and has a number of small businesses operating on Bear Island (construction contractors, accommodations, and marina/store). Bear Island is home to 257 permanent residents out of a total membership of over 737.

Temagami’s housing stock consists of Band owned rental homes, rent-to-own homes and privately owned homes. Forty-seven of the 75 units in the community are privately owned. Temagami plans to access the Credit Enhancement facility of the Fund to increase private home ownership as well as provide home renovation loans to those needing repairs and upgrades.

While tourism is the main industry in the region, the First Nation has been active in employing local Band members in the Town of Temagami and other regions (Haileybury and New Liskeard). The First Nation has finalized negotiations on an IBA with a gold mine development in the north end of Lake Temagami, which will provide annual revenues and potential employment for some of its members.

“Our Council is committed to making positive change for our members. With the assistance of the First Nations Market Housing Fund we will give our members the opportunity to improve their quality of life and create pride in home ownership.”
— Chief Roxane Ayotte (December 2013)

Contact Information:

Holly Charyna, Executive Director
Temagami First Nation
Bear Island, Ontario
P0H 1C0
Phone: 705-237-8944
Fax: 705-237-8959
Email: holly.charyna@temagamifirstnation.ca
Website: http://www.temagamifirstnation.ca/