Lower Nicola Indian Band

Lower Nicola Indian Band

The Lower Nicola Indian Band (LNIB), the Scw’exmx (the People of the Creeks), is one of the communities of the Nle?kepmx Nation, (Interior Salish ) which has lived for thousands of years in the Nicola Valley and Thompson River system in southern British Columbia. Today, many Lower Nicola community members carry out traditional activities, particularly berry and mushroom picking, fishing and hunting, and working to revive the language and the roots of its culture, N’lakapamux cin, alive and well.

The current membership is approximately 1,210 of whom approximately 630 reside in the various reserves of Lower Nicola. There are approximately 244 homes distributed into four smaller communities, of which 123 are rental units. LNIB and the First Nations Market Housing Fund are engaged in a partnership to meet the increasing demand for new housing units. LNIB is currently updating its housing policy and developing additional land for housing, in accordance with its community development plan.

LNIB is also working in partnership with the First Nation Market Housing Fund to back homeowners’ loans, and for LNIB to build more rental units and complete a program of renovations for its aged housing stock. Under this program, LNIB estimates a demand for 10 new homeowner units, 8 new rental units, and 50 renovation loans.

“The partnership with First Nations Market Housing Fund, is pivotal for encouraging more private home ownership. At the same time that frees resources to attend to the growing housing needs of Lower Nicola.”
— Chief Aaron Sam (December 2014)

Contact Information:

Helder Ponte, Executive Director
Lower Nicola Indian Band
181 Nawishaskin Lane
Merritt, British Columbia
V1K 0A7
Phone: 250-378-5157
Fax: 250-378-6188
Email: helder@lnib.net
Website: http://www.lnib.net/