Penelakut Tribe

Penelakut Tribe

Penelakut Tribe is located in the southern Gulf Islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland. The First Nation has four reserves among the islands of its traditional territory: Penelakut Island (formerly known as Kuper Island), Tsussie, Tent Island, and Galiano Island. Today, approximately 520 of the 938 members live on three of the four reserves. Penelakut Island is the largest of the reserves and is home to the majority of its members. Tsussie, a small reserve located south of Chemainus on the mainland Vancouver Island, is also home to a small number of members. At this time, Tent Island remains uninhabited and is a popular camp ground.

Historically, there were three permanent winter villages on Penelakut Island: at Penelakut Spit, Telegraph Harbour, and Lamalchi Bay. There were also villages at Chemainus Harbour and on Galiano Island. The term ‘Penelakut’ is used to refer to all the Hul’qumi’num people who, at one time or another, have lived among these islands. Penelakut Tribe is a member of the Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group. In partnership with five other surrounding First Nations, the Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group is jointly negotiating a comprehensive treaty with British Columbia and Canada in the BC Treaty Process to officially secure recognition of aboriginal title and rights. As part of this treaty group, Penelakut Tribe has contributed to the research and documentation of language, heritage, resources and land issues.

The housing portfolio currently consists of 152 homes. Penelakut hopes to use the Fund to provide more housing options for its members.

“The First Nations Market Housing Fund Credit Enhancement has provided a much needed alternative to housing for the Penelakut Tribe. The opportunity for private homeownership frees up low income social housing for band members that need it. It is an exciting time for Penelakut Tribe to offer construction and/or renovation opportunities to our band members. The Fund will expand our housing base and provide sustainability to our existing stock.”
— Chief Earl Jack (July 2015)

Contact Information:

Rebecca Jerman
Housing Administrator
Penelakut Tribe
P.O. Box 360
Chemainus, British Columbia  
V0R 1K0
Phone: 250-246-2321
Fax: 250-246-2725