Teslin Tlingit Council

Teslin Tlingit Council

The Inland Tlingit community of Teslin is a self governing Nation located on the shores of Teslin Lake in southern Yukon, 180 kilometres east of Whitehorse. The village was once a summer gathering site and resting place among the Coastal Tlingit travelling inland during seasonal trapping, hunting, and harvesting. They brought with them their clan system, potlatch tradition, language, songs and dances, which remain strong. The traditional territory of the Teslin Tlingit spans parts of the Yukon and British Columbia. A permanent settlement was formed in Teslin in the 1940’s during the building of the Alaska Highway. When the movement for a Land Claims settlement began in 1973, Teslin Tlingit were active participants in the negotiating process, and in 1993, became one of the ‘first four’ First Nations to successfully conclude agreements.

The self governing Nation has title of 2,395.74 square kilometres of Settlement Lands with law making powers on behalf of over 800 Citizens, 300 of which live in the village of Teslin, and 300 in Whitehorse. The governing body provides leadership of the Nation, and meets annually with its citizens in General Assembly. A traditional clan system Council recognizes five clan leaders, or spokespersons, chosen by their respective clans, while the Chief is appointed by Elders and the General Assembly.

The Teslin Tlingit Council is actively involved in the implementation process, attempting to build new ways of becoming self sufficient in a contemporary world while continuing to prosper in the traditional ways, retaining the language, culture and laws for future generations.

The Nation’s Capital and Infrastructure Department manages 40 rental units in Teslin and encourages its citizens to accept the responsibility of home ownership through program incentives for affordable housing, upgrades and the building of new homes. The First Nations Market Housing Fund is a welcomed opportunity in the community for expansion of privately owned homes or market rental housing, in response to a growing demand for housing.

“Teslin Tlingit Council continues to improve community development and provide opportunities for its Citizens. Through partnership and cooperation with the First Nation Market Housing Fund, TTC encourages and supports home ownership for Citizens. Together we are building a healthy, safe and self-sufficient community.”
— Carl Sidney, Nha Shade Heni (July 2016)

Contact Information:

Jade McGinty
Communications Coordinator
Teslin Tlingit Council
Box 133
Teslin, Yukon
Phone: 867-390-2532 ext. 306
Fax: 867-390-2204
Email: Jade.McGinty@ttc-teslin.com
Website: http://www.ttc-teslin.com