Quatsino First Nation

Quatsino First Nation

Quatsino First Nation (QFN), is located 15 km west of Port Hardy on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Approximately half of the 550 Quatsino membership lives on one of its 20 reserves which totals 403 hectares. Most of the reserve lands are isolated and not suitable for development. With limited lands available, QFN is looking at options for future residential development opportunities for its membership.

QFN members are employed in the forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, construction, manufacturing and member services. Since QFN created the QFN Economic Development Corporation (QFNEDC) in 2007, a number of economic initiatives and companies have resulted.

There are a total of 88 housing units on reserve with half rental and the other half ownership. The QFN Housing Program is supported by a Housing Coordinator and Housing Committee.

Quatsino is working with the FNMHF to strengthen its housing program to offer renovation and new construction loans for existing and new homeowners as well as providing additional rental units. Developing a comprehensive and robust housing policy with community engagement, finding suitable land for future residential development, and confirming land allocation and land tenure will be a priority going forward.

“Partnering with the First Nations Market Housing Fund will help our Nation move forward in terms of expanding home ownership, and access to renovation loans that will address renewable energy installation and mold remediation needs improving the overall living conditions for a healthier membership.”
— Chief James Nelson (November 2016)

Contact Information:

Jeff Munroe
Band Administrator
Quatsino First Nation
305 Quattishe Road,
Coal Harbour BC
V0N 1K0
Phone: 250-949-6245
Fax: 250-949-6249
Email: manager@quatsinofn.ca
Website: http://www.quatsinofn.com