Skidegate Band Council

Skidegate Band Council

Skidegate is a First Nation community nestled among the islands of Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands) in northwest British Columbia. It is a member of the Council of the Haida Nation. Skidegate’s 800 plus residents maintain a strong cultural way of life that includes Haida Language, food gathering, potlatch ceremony, song and dance. 

There is pride in the care and upkeep among the 360 residences in the village. Eighty percent of the homes are owned privately by members. The coastal waterfront village is dotted with a mix of residential homes, totem pole site of the famous Haida artist, Bill Reid, Haida Heritage Centre and Museum.

Logging and commercial fishing once dominated this small village. Today, eco tourism, outdoor adventure, and the history of the Haida people and Haida art attract most attention. Whale watching is a popular activity from alongside the highway throughout April and May.

The name Skidegate, is an English version of the Haida word SGIIDAGIDS which means child of red chiton. The original name of the village was HLGaagilda.

“Skidegate Council intends to expand home ownership through the backing of loans for its members who have the financial ability to repay a housing loan for renovations, purchase, or new construction, in partnership with the First Nations Market Housing Fund.”
— Chief Billy Yavanovich, Chief Councillor, Skidegate Band Council (November 2016)

Contact Information:

Billy Yovanovich, Chief Councillor
Skidegate Band Council
Box 1301 Skidegate
Haida Gwaii, BC
V0T 1S1
Phone: 250-559-4496
Fax: 250-559-8247