Cree Nation of Mistissini

Cree Nation of Mistissini

The Cree Nation of Mistissini (CNM), Cree or “Eeyouch” for “big rock”, is the largest Cree community of the James Bay Crees of Quebec. Mistissini is situated at the south-east end of Mistassini Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Quebec.

CNM has a registered population of approximately 4,000, with 90% living on reserve.

There are approximately 1000 housing units in the community which include 600+ rentals, 50 rent-to-own, 100 private home ownerships managed by CNM and, an additional 250 units owned and managed by the Cree Nation Government entities including the Cree Health and Social Services and School Boards.

In 2016, CNM adopted a new direction in housing which places an emphasis on private homeownership. This approach involves a design and build concept with the result being a final sale to qualified members of the Cree Nation of Mistissini. Consistent with this new direction, CNM is currently building 20 units which are intended for sale to CNM members. The CNM has a land tenure system under the Cree Naskapi Act which grants a Right of Superficie to use and occupy land designated for homeownership.

CNM is working with the First Nations Market Housing Fund to enhance opportunities and capacity to support new construction, as well as the purchase, refinance or renovation of an existing home, and to further support member education workshops and one-on-one outreach counselling to enhance eligibility for homeownership and management of personal finances.

“Working with the Fund is more than increasing housing options in the community, it is also about strengthening the financial stability, independence and pride in home ownership on an individual and collective basis. We look forward to working with the Fund to achieve our community's vision.”
— Chief Richard Shecapio (July 2017)

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