Nuxalk nation

Nuxalk Nation

(Gathering of people to form one: One heart one mind)

The Nuxalk Nation is located in Great Bear Rain forests of BC and community is surrounded by the steep Coastal Mountains and is nestled in the pristine rich valley of Bella Coola. The main community is situated on the meeting point of the Bella Coola River and the Bentick Arm of the Pacific Ocean.

The Nuxalkmc have traditionally depended on the rivers and streams that cut through the 80-kilometer valley. The ocean, rivers and streams that supplies the abundance of salmon, eulachon, Dungeness crab, prawns, and other deep seafoods. The valley and fjords supply a flavor of traditional roots, traditional vegetables, greens, wild berries, and wild game from their home territories.

The community is accessible by air from Vancouver and by ferry from Port Hardy or by road from Williams Lake, BC. This 320 miles of adventurous paved highway partly gravel; the gravel road portion descends down into valley at 18% grade for 19 kilometers.

In the community of two villages one half of the Nation’s 1734 registered Nuxalkmc live in approximately 260 units; 216 privately-owned homes and approximately 41 rental units.

Nuxalk Nation has been working to increase housing opportunities in the community, as well as ensuring high quality construction is suited to compliment the wet west coast; minimize fossil fuel burning; and yet meet green options, energy savings and most importantly the economic life style of the Bella Coola valley and community.

The Nation has made significant changes to its approach to construction including incorporation of its own building specifications booklets, building code practises, standardization of materials and using “as builds” as training opportunities for Nuxalk members looking to get into the trades.

Nuxalk Nation, in partnership with the First Nations Market Housing Fund, has plans to expand their home ownership options for members to construct new homes that suit the economic, social, and cultural needs with the options to purchase on reserve, refinance, or complete renovations on existing homes in the community.

Chief Wally Webber states:

“Nuxalk hired a champion to manage the affairs related to housing and the Nation’s assets. This endeavour is supported by Chief and Council. The reality of an experienced housing person will benefit the Nation, providing that internal politics has no interference with growth of the Nation. This opportunity provides options to utilize the resources available to benefit the Nation, and sustain the community and build capacity to support the economy. Working with the First Nations Market Housing Fund will benefit the Nation’s growth as we move forward into the future.”

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