Wasauksing First Nation

Wasauksing First Nation

Wasauksing First Nation is located on the eastern shore of Georgian Bay in Lake Huron, approximately 5 km off highway 69 and 3 kilometres southwest of Parry Sound on Parry Island. Parry Island is the second largest island on Lake Huron with a land base of 7,874 hectares (19,457 acres). The Anishinabe, Potawatomi and Odawa community has 1,300 community members with approximately 400 members living on-reserve. The Nation is uniquely situated in north central Ontario’s picturesque tourism mecca among the 30,000 Islands.

Wasauksing First Nation strives to provide equal opportunities for all members of the community to develop, enhance, and succeed in economic growth while promoting the continued social, traditional and spiritual development of its First Nation. The organization has a staff of approximately 90 and provides programs and services in a broad range of areas including health, economic development, social services, public works, housing, lands, membership/citizenship and education.

Currently there are 183 homes in the community with over half of the homes being privately owned. The remaining homes are units that are owned, administered and maintained as rentals by Wasauksing First Nation. Through the support of the First Nations Market Housing Fund’s capacity development program, Wasauksing has improved upon its performance measures with the development of a Human Resource Policy and a Public Works Operations Manual. The First Nation was also successful in the development and implementation of a new Housing Policy.

Going forward with the Fund’s loan program, Wasauksing First Nation is well-positioned to guarantee financing for its members who qualify to purchase/build a new home, renovate and modernize an existing home, or to create other market-based housing solutions on reserve.

“Wasauksing First Nation is pleased to be able to partner with the First Nation Market Housing Fund to help offer additional market-based housing options for our citizens to build or renovate their own homes within the community. The new program will help to empower those citizens who want to own their own home, while also helping to alleviate our housing shortage.”
— Chief Warren Tabobondung (October 2017)

Media and website contact information:

Craig Brown, Chief Executive Director
Wasauksing First Nation
Phone: 705-746-2531 Ext. 2235
Fax: 705-746-5984
Email: ced@wasauksing.ca
Website: http://www.wasauksing.ca