Lennox Island First Nation

Lennox Island First Nation

Lennox Island is a proud Mi’kmaq Nation located in Malpeque Bay off the northwest coast of Prince Edward Island. Steeped in Mi’kmaq culture and traditions that have been passed down since time immemorial, the community has embraced its past and present and looks forward to their journey into a bright and thriving future. Connected by a short causeway and bridge, Lennox Island is home to approximately 450 of its 1,100 members.

For thousands of years, the Mi’kmaq Nation has been sustained by Malpeque Bay. The Bay not only provides an important food source to the community, but income as well in the form of fisheries, primarily lobster, oyster, and other shellfish. The Malpeque Bay is world-renowned for its rich history and natural beauty which are shared through information and tours provided by the Lennox Island Mi’kmaq Cultural Centre.

It is our hope that revenue generated from the fisheries will provide assistance with programs, services and housing. Housing our Band members is one of the priorities of the Lennox Island Band Council. The vision is to ensure that all members who are interested in residing on reserve will have fair access to adequate comfortable housing.

The Mi’kmaq Nation is anticipating that more members living off reserve will express interest in private home ownership in the community, as the subdivision earmarked for market-based housing is developed. Working with the First Nations Market Housing Fund, Lennox Island will be able to access additional tools and resources to support their housing operations and expand home ownership options for their members to construct new homes, purchase or undertake renovations on existing homes in the community.

”Our focus is a housing strategy. This partnership between Lennox Island First Nation and the First Nations Market Housing Fund will help us achieve our vision to house everyone in our community.”
— Chief Matilda Ramjattan (December 2017)

Media and website contact information:

Corinne Dyment
Band Administrator
Lennox Island First Nation
2 Eagle Feather Trail
Lennox Island, PEI
C0B 1P0
Phone: 902-831-2779
Fax: 902-831-3153

Website: http://www.lennoxisland.com/