St’át’imc - Tsal’alhmec, The People of the Lake (Tsal’alh Membership), that have lived and thrived along the lake since time immemorial, are located in a semi-isolated, remote area at the most central/northern point of the St’át’imc Territory along the shores of Seton and Anderson Lake. As one of the 11 St’át’imc communities within the St’át’imc Territory they have always had a close relationship with the land and collective stewardship responsibility that is very important to the Tsal’alhmec. They understand and respectfully acknowledge the legacy that their ancestors have left them, and with their guidance they will continue to live their culture and traditions for generations to come.

Today as St’at’imc - Tsal’alhmec membership is about 700 and growing strong, with approximately 320 members who live on reserve. The community has its own pre-school, elementary school, high school, health centre, fire hall and an elder’s lodge. They also have a gas bar, RV Park, Hotel, sawmill, and produce many fine arts and crafts, in addition to being the main Internet Service Provider in the area.

Tsal’alh is very busy in developing a new band office, additions to school, daycare facility, housing and infrastructure. The Nation’s housing portfolio consists of approximately 60 houses being rented, and about 50 band-member owned homes. Because of the increase in demand for housing, alternatives are currently being explored such as row housing, in-law suites and single-family units. Tsal`alh is looking forward to working with the Fund as they advance their plans for these initiatives, to provide safe, affordable, innovative, comfortable homes that Tsal’alhmec can be proud of.

“There is no place like home, and to have a home brings security and comfort to everyone. A home brings long lasting, caring and happy memories. We are not just building houses, we are creating homes for Tsal’alhmec.”
Chief Ida Mary Peter (July 2018)

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Crystal Branget, MBA
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