BMO Bank of Montreal Aboriginal Banking

BMO Bank of Montreal Aboriginal Banking

The Aboriginal Banking Unit at BMO Bank of Montreal was created in October 1992 to contribute to the self-sufficiency of Aboriginal peoples across Canada. The unit is working to build mutually beneficial sustainable relationships by designing and delivering with Aboriginal communities, businesses and individuals a comprehensive range of financial products and services.

This spirit of partnership and cooperation between BMO and Aboriginal peoples has already manifested itself with the opening of branches and community banking outlets within Aboriginal communities, the implementation of on-reserve housing programs with government guarantees and with improved access to financing opportunities at all levels.

BMO has been recognized by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business with a gold level Progressive Aboriginal Relations award for its ability to build financial relationships with Aboriginal communities. In working to build financial relationships, BMO ensures that appropriate Aboriginal protocols and processes are recognized and followed in order to earn the respect and trust of the Aboriginal communities they serve.

“BMO Bank of Montreal is pleased to participate in the First Nations Market Housing Fund. The Fund enables BMO to enhance its existing housing on-reserve loan program and respond to the specific needs of First Nation communities.”
— Stephen Fay, Director, Aboriginal Banking (May 2008)

Contact Information:

Stephen Fay
Director, Aboriginal Banking
55 Bloor St. W., 8th Floor
Toronto ON
M4W 3N5

Ph.: 416-927-2675
Fax: 416-927-2700