First Nations Bank of Canada

First Nations Bank of Canada

First Nations Bank of Canada is a Canadian chartered bank primarily focused on providing financial services to the Aboriginal marketplace in Canada.

The Bank offers Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, corporations and governments a full range of personal and business banking services including deposits, term loans, mortgages and lines of credit. The Bank’s specialty is financing projects and operations for Aboriginal Governments, Aboriginal owned enterprise and non-Aboriginal enterprises that are doing business with these groups. The Bank, together with its strategic partners, offers access to structured financing for larger resource development, power generation and infrastructure projects. A large percentage of the Bank’s business is in northern and remote markets.

First Nations Bank was founded in 1996 and today 80% of the Bank’s shares are owned by Aboriginal groups from Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec. The Bank’s Aboriginal shareholders are progressive, like-minded organizations, culturally and linguistically diverse and all respected leaders in their regional economies.

With the support of its Aboriginal shareholders, the Bank has demonstrated consistent growth and profitability during each of the past fifteen years. Bank services are available through a network of seven full service branches (three on reserve) and two community banking centres and through electronic banking channels.

“First Nations Bank of Canada was created to support and advance the economic interest of Aboriginal People, so supporting and promoting the capacity of First Nations people to achieve home ownership is an important part of our mission. We have the experience, understanding and relationships to help First Nations communities and their members make the best of the First Nations Market Housing Fund. We know this is not the only answer to the housing shortage on reserve and settlement lands, but it is one more tool we can use to address the problem.”
— Keith Martell, Chairman and CEO, First Nations Bank of Canada (July 2013)

Contact Information:

First Nations Bank of Canada
224 – 4th Ave S
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Kevin Michael
Vice President Commercial Banking
Phone: 306-955-6708
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